Monday, April 8, 2013

WeVideo for Google Drive

Watch our video review:

WeVideo is a web app that lets you do digital video editing right inside of your browser. It can be used for simple drag and drop videos, or sophisticated projects with multiple tracks, voice-over narration, transitions, lower-thirds, and most all the tricks you would expect to find in a desktop video editing program.

With WeVideo the three main steps to editing your video are:

Step 1: Add your content - With the free version of WeVideo you can store up to 5 GB of videos, images, and audio files. You can add content in six different ways:
  1. Upload your own files
  2. Import files you already have from Drive, InstaGram, Flickr, Facebook, Dropbox, Picasa, and Box
  3. Record live in WeVIdeo with your webcam and microphone
  4. Use the stock video clips and audio tracks provided by WeVideo
  5. Access files shared from other users
  6. Use the WeVideo Android app to record and sync video and images.
Step 2: Edit your video - Now that you have your content, you simply drag and drop your videos, images, and audio to the timeline. Depending on how advanced you want to get, you can choose between three different editing modes:
  • Storyboard mode - This mode lets you add videos, photos, audio, and themes.
  • Timeline mode - This mode add Transitions, Graphics (Text, Frames, Animations, Effects), and Voice-over Narration
  • Advanced Timeline mode - This mode lets you add additional tracks for multi-track projects.
Step 3: Publish your video - With the free version of WeVideo you can export up to 15 minutes of video per month. You can link and publish to multiple services including WeVideo, Drive, YouTube, Vimeo, and Dropbox.

In addition to the free version, there are pay options if you wish to add more storage and more export time per month. However, even with the limitations of the free account, WeVideo is a great option for students needing to do videos for school projects for many reasons:
  • It can be used by beginners to quickly make a simple, but great looking, video.
  • Or it can be used by more experienced users who want all the bells and whistles of video editing.
  • Since WeVideo is cloud based, users can access and work on their videos from anywhere, something that is not possible with desktop video programs.
  • Better yet, the “We” in "WeVideo" means that students can collaborate on video projects together.
  • And best yet, it is free!
 WeVideo integrates with Google Drive.
 Install the WeVideo for Google Drive web app from the Chrome Web Store.


  1. I think with the free version you can only export one video a month regardless of its length under 15 minutes.

    1. Roy, I'll test that out to see. I did not think that was the case, but I will check.

  2. Thanks for the great tutorial! I plan on using this for my students in addition to a desktop video making program.

  3. Students can upload media simultaneously, but students cannot edit the same video simultaneously. Students would need to edit a group video one at a time.

  4. Nice to see the wevideo app in Google chrome store but I am a big fan of camtasia studio and I really don't like the idea of uploading videos to cloud first and then edit it. But It could be good for those people who cannot afford camtasia studio.

  5. Can anyone provide insight into WeVideo's functionality as compared to iMovie? Seems like a space-saver for Macbooks, but I'm worried about losing the editing capabilities of iMovie. Thanks.

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