Sunday, April 21, 2013

PowToon Edu

Watch our video review:

PowToon is a free web app that lets you easily create presentations and animated videos, often with a cartoon look and feel.

For a sample finished product, take a look at this PowToon I made to explain the concept of osmosis for a science class:

PowToon can be used in many ways in school. Students can use PowToon to:
  • Act out a section from a story they are reading, or an alternate way the story could have gone.
  • Re-enact a historical event, or make a pretend meeting and conversation between famous people in history.
  • Make a short comic to explain a vocabulary word from class or a concept being covered in their current unit.
  • Or it can simply be used as a fun and easy alternative to PowerPoint, Google Slides, and other multimedia slide show programs for any sort of presentations your students (or you) need to make.
To create with PowToon you can do the following:
  • Create a free account, which can be done by simply linking PowToon to your current Google account.
  • Then click “Start” to create a new PowToon. You can start with one of many pre-made templates or just go with a blank presentation.
  • Add, edit, and rearrange slides.
  • Choose items from content libraries if you wish to maintain a consistent theme, including characters, animated characters, props, markers, shapes, backgrounds, image holders, and text effects.
  • Import your own images and sounds if you want.
  • Arrange the items on the slides and on the timeline, including timing and transition effects.
  • Set the PowToon to Movie mode (which plays straight through) or Presentation mode (where you can build in pauses for you to talk).
  • Share the link or embed your presentation with others so they can view it.
The free version is limited to five minutes per presentation, although you can make as many presentations as you wish, and they can all be shared and viewed online through the PowToon site. There are paid options if you want longer presentations, downloads to your computers, and uploads to YouTube. For more information see

To learn more about using this web app, PowToon provides several helpful tutorials videos on their site at:

 PowToon Edu integrates with Google Drive.
 Install the PowToon Edu web app from the Chrome Web Store.


  1. By coincidence, for a technical writing project, I needed to learn about reverse osmosmis. Think you can explain it in under 2 minutes?

    Here's one I did to explain Plain English:


  2. Is it possible to download a version of the animated project to edit the video in a different program, and then share on YouTube?

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