Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lucidchart for Education

Watch our video review:

Lucidchart for Education is a free Chrome web app that can be used to create graphic organizers, mind maps, concept webs, Venn Diagrams, and more. Very similar to Google Documents, you can also share your diagrams with others as view only, or as templates, or with edit rights for live collaboration. Lucidchart even integrates with Google Apps so you can use a GAFE account and store diagrams in your Google Drive.

Users can create diagrams from scratch or can use one of the fifty-plus templates designed just for schools, students, and teachers. These education templates cover many grades, subject areas, and purposes, including “Cause and Effect”, “SWOT Analysis”, “Story Map”, “Timeline”, and more.

Images and shapes for the diagrams can be pulled from the provided libraries, or can be uploaded, or can be found from a built-in Google search.

Lucidchart is a great tools for teachers and students alike. It can be used to plan projects, analyze ideas, determine relationships, pre-organize an essay, and more. Try out Lucidchart today to connect your ideas and connect with others.

For more detailed information than our short video review above, see my one-hour training video on Using Lucidchart in Schools.

 Lucidchart for Education integrates with Google Drive.
 Install the Lucidchart for Education web app from the Chrome Web Store.


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  3. LucidChart represents a very complex online drawing tool by which you can create any diagram or wireframe you want. It is also connected with Google Drive where you can store your production.

    Pros & Cons
    + works on every major browser and Internet-enabled device
    + support of all major types of diagrams
    + small space in a free version
    - integration with Google Drive
    - little bit slower than on-premise app

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